Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Hockey & Superman in a Poem!!

This one's untitled, again (I kinda suck at titling my poems!!) I've been writing really short poems lately for some reason!! Here's a new one, containing hockey & my Superman blanket!! Was inspired by something someone said about being in my element the other day when I told him that I was being boring!! Let me know what you think!! Thanks for stopping by!! (Oh, and title suggestion for this and any untitled poem of mine are always welcome!!) :-)

                                                            (Yes, this is the actual blanket that I write about!!)

Hockey’s playing on my TV
but it’s not my favorite team.
I’m half-heartedly watching
while playing with my phone.
I’m feeling vulnerable tonight,
laying underneath my Superman blanket.

No reason to feel exposed
But alone, in my old cavernous house,
I feel the weight of being me,
of my own self-doubt
and of my strength to prevail,
fighting a battle to win me over.
I can take off, I know
that I can fucking fly!
But I first have to find
where the hell my kryptonite is hidden.