Tuesday, September 24, 2013


In October, it will be 3 years since my friend Leigh and her brother Matt were killed in a car crash while coming home from the lake. As the date approaches, I think about them a lot, and usually end up sobbing. Leigh was like a sister to me in my first year, her last year, of high school. She was also a writer. This is for Leigh.

I have written a lot about Leigh and about her & her brother's deaths. Here are the links to the ones that I've put on here: Untitled Poem & True Story


I poured glitter
 into my coffee this morning.
I didn’t even notice it
until I had already taken a few sips.
I laughed at myself,
caught up in the moment,
thinking about the glittery flakes
falling down my esophagus
carried by coffee and cream.

An upcoming anniversary is quickly approaching
but instead of crying (again)
that my friend has been gone
for almost 3 years,
I smile
because Leigh would have laughed
at my glitter in my coffee.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Punk Rock Peace

Over at dversepoets.com we were challenged to write a poem for International Day of Peace, which is today. This is a great subject, one of which I would have written about on my own, but I am glad to get to share it with my fellow dverse poets! The song lyrics in the poem are all from Dropkick Murphys - "Don't Tear Us Apart". The photo was taken at the concert mentioned in the poem!! Here is my contribution! I hope you like it! :-) Let me know what you think!

Punk Rock Peace

Many people think that punk rock is violent.
They think that punks are a drugged out bunch
that start inane fights whenever possible.
These people have never been
in the middle of a mosh pit,
where this week I witnessed
more compassion in one night alone
than I have in  most weeks
out in the ‘normal’ world.
When someone falls down,
you pick them back up
in a mosh pit,
but that’s not always the case
in the  real world.

Right now I am listening to a punk song
about compassion,
a topic that most mainstream musicians never even touch on.
Will somebody please
Come aid those helpless in need,
And renew our faith in this human race!

It’s funny that on the International Day of Peace
the only thing that I want
is for my fellow humans to learn a little about compassion
from my favorite band:
Will you show some heart
And end this trouble here where it starts
You won’t tear us apart!

This is my anthem for peace.

Don’t tear us apart
You’ve gotta show some heart!