Saturday, September 21, 2013

Punk Rock Peace

Over at we were challenged to write a poem for International Day of Peace, which is today. This is a great subject, one of which I would have written about on my own, but I am glad to get to share it with my fellow dverse poets! The song lyrics in the poem are all from Dropkick Murphys - "Don't Tear Us Apart". The photo was taken at the concert mentioned in the poem!! Here is my contribution! I hope you like it! :-) Let me know what you think!

Punk Rock Peace

Many people think that punk rock is violent.
They think that punks are a drugged out bunch
that start inane fights whenever possible.
These people have never been
in the middle of a mosh pit,
where this week I witnessed
more compassion in one night alone
than I have in  most weeks
out in the ‘normal’ world.
When someone falls down,
you pick them back up
in a mosh pit,
but that’s not always the case
in the  real world.

Right now I am listening to a punk song
about compassion,
a topic that most mainstream musicians never even touch on.
Will somebody please
Come aid those helpless in need,
And renew our faith in this human race!

It’s funny that on the International Day of Peace
the only thing that I want
is for my fellow humans to learn a little about compassion
from my favorite band:
Will you show some heart
And end this trouble here where it starts
You won’t tear us apart!

This is my anthem for peace.

Don’t tear us apart
You’ve gotta show some heart!


  1. smiles...the call toward compassion is a beautiful thing...i have been in the pit...and funny story....the drummer threw out a towel and the pit went crazy...finally looked up and it was 3 friends holding on as was like you take it, no...and i have worked security as well and pulled those out of the put that needed it...

  2. i like any music if i feel there's honesty in matter how raw expressed the picking someone up when they have fallen down...yep..not always the case in the real world...

  3. Thank you Katie for your insight into Punk Rock! "Renew our faith in the human race" - we certainly need more of this!

  4. Katie, what a beautiful message in your words and some explanation of Punk Rock. We all need to be there to pick one another up when we fall down, I think. And on this day of peace we DO need to show each other some heart. There seems to be a lot of good stuff in Punk Rock.

  5. What a lovely message to passed on ~ I say the call to compassion can come from everywhere, even from punk rock band ~

  6. Appearance is often misleading... a ballad sung with sweetest voice can be on intolerance and a punk rock song can be about compassion... That's what word is for... we have to listen..

  7. A very interesting take on this--music can have a lot of influence over people for sure, and tolerance (for all kinds of things, like different types of music) a big first step. Thanks much. K.

  8. Loved every word of this post - the rockers have it right - what we need is more compassion - everywhere. Awesome write! Thanks for shining some light on punk rappers too. Your fave band is putting out a wonderful message.

  9. This is such a good lesson on the importance of not judging others by one's own way of living, but looking deeply into the person's heart. I'm guessing I wouldn't recognize punk rock if I heard it, but compassion...yes. Wherever it's found.

  10. don't tear us apart, indeed. the things we have in common are so much greater than the superficial differences