Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Holograph to the World, or No One

I keep of list of poetry prompts on my iPhone, which I don't think is an uncommon type of practice at all!! I have been itching to write a poem for a good number of days now, and I finally felt the right energy in the air to do so!! I looked through my list and picked some of prompts that had a similar feel to one-another, and out came this!! The lyrics songs are from (in order) The Briggs "Bloody Minds" and Rancid "St. Mary"!! Hope you like it!! Leaving me a comment means a lot to me!! Thanks!! :-)

(Holograph: 1-adjective-wholly written by the person in whose name it appears; 2-noun-a holograph writing, as a deed, will or letter)

(Skank: Verb-to dance a rhythmic dance performed to punk, reggae or ska music, characterized by bending forward, raising the knees, and extending the hands.)

Holograph to the World, or No One

Restless, again.

I wander aimlessly around my house,
punk rock blasting as loudly as possible
from my laptop in the living room;
it’s a good parallel to my seemingly
helter-skelter life.

I pause for a moment,
skank in my kitchen,
yelling lyrics to my empty house,
I fed my common sense to the world years ago!

I laugh, half-run and half-skip
then throw myself on to my couch.

So many disjoined thoughts
float through my head:
my punk-rocker crush’s new picture,
seeing my deceased friend’s Facebook page this afternoon,
an upcoming concert date’s rapid approach,
the guy who has fallen in love with an image he’s made of me.

I shake my head,
shout the lyrics being sung:
Now Mary’s out the door with a loaded 44 in her hands!
Jilting all these thoughts
from my mind, into the night.

I smirk, lean over,
grab my notebook and pen
and write a happy scene.