Monday, September 22, 2014

The Ride

Just a little thing I thought up today. Let me know  what you think! Thanks!! :-)

The Ride

I think that I think
more than most people normally do.
My thoughts cycle through my brain
as if they were written on flaps of paper
taped to the spokes of a bike,
like I used to do with play cards
as a young kid,
except now I’m on an unending bike ride.

Occasionally I get to take a break
from this ride and shackle
up my bike for a bit.

I take a seat in a local coffee shop,
put on my headphones,
slowly sip straight coffee, and watch
all the people inside and outside
and wonder what kind of thoughts
are taped to their bicycles.


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Hope to Stop

Let me know what you think. Thanks!! :-)

Hope to Stop

I approach at my guitar
sitting silently in its stand,
I run my fingers across the strings
but I don’t feel like picking it up.

I shuffle through my albums
but I can’t decide on one
to listen to,
all of them remind me
of him tonight.

I sit on my bed,
pick up my notebook,
trying to ignore the ripped out page
that held the poem
I mailed to him,
the only first draft
to ever be mailed away.
I turn to a fresh page
and just write, mostly
question after question
of which none will ever be answered,
and hope to stop crying
before I reach the end of the page.