Saturday, January 5, 2013


Peace is something I can find in many, many places: sitting on the dock, inner peace in the middle of a mosh pit, with friends at the bar, sitting at home by myself.

Peace has been hard for me to come by lately for many reason.

dVerse prompt today was peace!! Here's what I came up with while listening to a new punk CD that came in the mail today. Let me know what you think, please!! Thanks!!


Guitar in hand,
watered down whiskey in reach
Sitting cross-legged in a corner.
Notebook open, and a pen, in front of me.
Quiet, except for The Band playing
on low from my computer.
I lean back and smile.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Inked Memories

I read an article today in which a member of my favorite band was talking about a new song, "Rose Tattoo," what it is about & why he wrote it. Something he said reminded me of something I do every-so-often, and it inspired this poem: "Oftentimes, I just catch it out of the corner of my eye and it literally changes my mood when I think of him and what a strong individual he was."

The article:

All lyrics from "Rose Tattoo" By Dropkick Murphys

This is for dVerse Open Link Night!! Let me know what you think!! :-)  (Seriously, though, I would really appreciate the feedback!!)


Inked Memories

Towel drying my hair,
back to the mirror,
I look behind me
and catch sight of my
three green and black tattoos.

“This one means the most to me”
The first, a K with a clover
 on top, links me to my brother.
“Stays here for eternity”

“This one’s for my family name”
Further down, another clover,
green & knotted
surrounded by Gaelic:
Máthair Athair Deatháir.
Mother Father Brother.
“With pride I’ll wear it to the grave”

“You’ll always be there with me’
Opposite side of my spine,
a long Celtic knot,
green highlighted a double-helix design.
Surrounded by names
of departed family and friends.
“Even if you’re gone”

“I signed and sealed these words in blood”
I look down at my left thigh
while pulling on my jeans.
Black, red, gray.
Lyrics, lines, a rose
for my favorite band.
“I heard them once, sung in a song”

“I ain’t winning no one over”
I trace the stars and swirl of clovers,
gray, green, purple
with my finger on my right thigh.
This one’s mine alone.
“I wear it just for you”

I smile
as I cover up my ink
with clothes,
and I quietly sing
“I had these memories all around me
So I wouldn’t be alone.”