Saturday, August 25, 2012

True Story

I’m not religious.
But the image of a mother
singing in church at the same time
as the SUV carrying her two grown kids
is smashed into head-on,
killing sister and brother instantly
gets to the center of my being every time.

I picture it like it was a movie.
(It’s the only way I can handle it.)

Fade-in to the mother singing in the choir,
in the center of the front row.
Switch to the kids on a two-way highway,
traveling home silent and exhausted
from their weekend at the lake.
Cut to the choir, the hymn getting higher.
Back to the SUV, silence, Leigh swerves, hard,
to avoid the car going the wrong way.
The choir’s hymn plays as the crash is shown.
The SUV tumbles, metal twists, windows smash,
Leigh and Matt are rag dolls, eyes wide and scared.

The car comes to a stop, silence.
In the church, the hymn is ending,
close-up on the mother’s face.
Silence.  Screen goes black.

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