Thursday, August 30, 2012

New & Still Untitled!

I was (am??) having a crappy, self-confidence void, night.  Which made me think of this one particularly bad relationship I had in college.  So I wrote a poem about it!  ...'Cuz that's what writers do!  It's fresh, raw, & pretty unedited!! 

It didn’t take long
for you to fall for my
charm, and my sweetness
with an edge.
All I had to do was mention
my affinity for smoking pot
before writing class.
You soon figured out that
I’m a ‘Fuck You, I Listen To Harcore
and Eat Nails for Lunch’
kind of girl,
who will compliment you
when you’re feeling down
and hug you when you that doesn’t work.
I love hockey & soccer,
and think football players
can be pansies some days.

I workout as much as my body allows,
but this damn baby face and belly
just won’t go the hell away!!
My demeanor and face say, “Fuck You, I don’t care!”
But my inside says the opposite.

I’d love to step away
and forget our talks and texts,
and our car rides into the nights,
Before you met her.

She was duller than I am,
a little sweeter and a little less tough.
But, “Her body is rockin’.”
(Seriously, flashing the “rock on” symbol
right now??  Lame.)

You warned me that we were nothing
serious, not meant to last.
I’m good in bed, you assured.
But outside...outside just wasn’t a place
where you liked to hold my hand,
my waist, or rub my shoulder.

I should have known it would end like this.
Our pillow-talk was silenced.
You walked hand-in-hand with her,
nodded enthusiastically
when she spoke of Good Charlotte.
I stopped coming over
and you never even tried
to catch my eye again.

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