Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Getting Away

Getting Away

I’m sitting scrunched
up in the corner of my couch.
A mix of folk-punk plays
from my computer, because
I need something slower today.
A pillow balancing on my knees
holds my open notebook.
I am furiously pushing
the top of my clicky pen
in and out repeatedly.
Click Click Click Click...

I’ve been thinking about friends,
lovers, and enemies today.
How they stack up, intertwine,
trade places, and combine into one
as they play their ways
through my life; shaping ideas,
emotions, thoughts, and words.
I’ve smiled, danced, sang, played,
written, cried, and raged
so many times because
of the people in my life.

I’m hiding from the world
to clear my head.
I stop clicking my pen,
place ink on my notebook
and attempt to write
my story in my words.
I turn off the music written
from the lives of others
and pick up my guitar.
I play out the chords
that I want to hear,
and set the tempo
that I want to feel.

I get lost in my own doings
and when I open my eyes
I feel at peace with myself
and the world around me.



  1. I often feel this type of way. It's almost as if the music clears it all away. Good write

  2. nice...we have to find our own music...sometimes the words of others just are not enough you know....and we have to hide away and find our own way...

  3. Hey Katie, Love both the honesty and lyric flow of the second verse in particular... Enjoyed myself reading this tonight - you have a brave heart... With Best Wishes Scott

  4. Hi Katie, I do think sometimes the best escape is to get lost in our own doings. It is there that we can find our own peace.

  5. Stop and catch it in ink. That's always good therapy.

  6. If I find I'm in an off mood, I'll try and find something to absorb my attentionand usually I get to the same place as your poem ends.

  7. that is a cool process... finding the own beat...the own tune after listening to the music of those around us... it makes for a good mix if we can play parts of those into our own composition as well

  8. What a wonderful description of the writing process- the nervous click of pen, review of people and moments in your life, waiting for your own internal music to form... I like this a lot!

  9. Great words on getting in the zone.

  10. A poem on the way you write - opened you up to us in the most intimate way. Very inclusive - making the reader assimilate your thoughts and copy your actions - a very musical journey as well weaving your lines with the unheard but imagined sounds you describe. Very inventive and well done.

  11. Only to our own words and music can we recreate ourselves... I love how you describe the dance macabre of enemies trading place with friends... so much how life can be...

  12. Trying to escape one's self is never a good idea, at least in the long run. I like that you achieved peace in the end.

  13. Sometimes the way other people express things can help us to find our own voice; other times it forces us to find our own way of saying it. I guess that's what makes us writers.

  14. It's good to find your own rhythm. Great poem

  15. Good capture and good to find peace.

  16. The clicking of the poem is genius the way you use it here and the last verse finishes it beautifully

  17. I like the intimacy, the feel and sound of this. ~