Wednesday, May 7, 2014



Walking along with a lone acoustic guitar
playing out a slow minor melody
through my ear buds.
I pass by smiling faces and laughing people,
keeping my head down
I pick up my pace.

I turn into my coffee shop,
the door held for me
by a man with a sympathetic nod,
I think he saw my eyes.
I pour eight quarters
into the “Grab-and-Go” hole,
and avoid eye contact with my favorite barista.
Self-serve coffee comforts me today.

Out again into the hot thick air,
sweat begins to mix with tears as
I hurry back to my car.
Inside, door shut. Quiet.
Turn engine on, switch albums.
Ducky Boys, the band that calms me.

My shoulders stop shaking,
I throw my car in reverse
and head to wide open roads again.


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