Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Yellow Guitar Picks

"My purse is so filled with guitar picks, green tea bags and bandaids that I can barely find anything else in it!" - Me, last night

One of the yellow picks on my bass

Yellow Guitar Picks

Last week I accidently
tried to pay for my coffee
with a mix of quarters, dimes,
and bright yellow guitar picks.

Yesterday I was digging
in my purse for my car keys
but all I seemed to be able to grab
were band-aids, green tea bags,
and yellow guitar picks.
I finally emptied my purse
of the band-aids and tea bags
but there were too many picks,
mixed in with coins, to even think
about rescuing all of them.

Today I grabbed my purse
by the bottom and before I realized
what I was doing, the contents cascaded
all over my passenger seat and beyond!
All I could do was facepalm myself and laugh
as yellow pick after yellow pick poured out,
many of them never to be seen again.
Yeah, I probably had that one coming!



  1. ha. your guitar picks seem to be reproducing at a rapid rate...
    careful they dont overcome you like tribbles...smiles.
    too bad i cant trade picks for coffee...hmm....smiles.

  2. I wish I had that many picks. For me it is company pens. I always have them falling out of every pocket and every part of my car.