Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Heartache Ain’t A Thing I’d Recommend

So, I'm going through a rough time right now. The two previous poems are also about what's going on. The title for this poem was taken from a Ducky Boys song. The band's lead singer, Mark Lind, is my favorite songwriter mentioned in the poem. My favorite comedian is Christopher Titus if you want to check out some of his stuff. Not my best poem ever, but let me know what ya think (Please)!

Just snapped this photo of what's beside me as I type!! :-)

Heartache Ain’t A Thing I’d Recommend

My favorite comedian once stated
that when a girl gets her heart broken
she automatically slips into an
“eat cookies and cry period.”
Well, I take a slightly different route,
with a drink whiskey and write period.

My favorite songwriter once said
to never trust anyone
who hasn’t been broken by life,
who hasn’t been kicked while they’re down,
because they can’t imagine how it feels.
If I had only listened to him,
I wouldn’t be so broken, again.

I wanted to sit outside,
in the rain, and write.
I wanted to watch raindrops
blur the blue lines of my notebook
and the black ink of my pen strokes together.

I wanted my notebook to look
how I feel: washed-up, used,
left out for the elements.

Instead I’m huddled
on a whicker couch in a screened in porch.
With only yoga pants, a worn-out hoodie, and a Superman blanket
to shield me from the 39 degree winds.

I shiver as I write,
pull my blanket tighter around me,
move around in my seat
on my unending quest to get comfortable .
This’ll do, I think
before I run inside to refill my glass.


  1. Whiskey and write period-love it!

  2. Katie, this is so moving. That washed-up feeling described so beautifully. And in the blanketed screen-porch, the solace of almost-outside. Well done!

  3. smiles....i feel you....not a fun place to be...and the good thing is between the numbing of the drink...and bleeding on the page you will have a marvelous headache in the morning...ha...ah, but i feel you....

  4. " I wanted my notebook to look how I feel..." OUTSTANDING!