Sunday, August 3, 2014

First Form

"Few things are as pure as handwritten words on a page." - Me, many times.

Original lyrics from Joe Strummer for "London Calling" from Google

First Form

I like to write
by placing pen to paper,
letting my words, my thoughts,
flow on to the page,
and spill into existence.
Taking the ideas, images, stories
from my head
and giving them life.

The first thoughts are unedited, uninhibited.
They are not always pretty,
and not always in the best language.
They are misspelled and written
in ways that only make sense to me.
But they are pure,
uninterrupted, clean, unmarked
and throat-scratchingly raw.

I like to let
my love, hatred, fear, and joy
find a place in the real world
yet still protected in my notebook.

I scrawl furiously
stopping only when
my mind is drained.

I always feel a sense
of joy and calm
when I see my words scribbled
across the previously blank lines,
now made permanent
in an unapologetic honestly.

It is then that my peace
can finally be realized.


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