Sunday, August 3, 2014



I wish I could just drive
until I get somewhere
new, where no one knows me.
I could step outside and breath
new air, with no trace of my past.

I want an adventure,
Sal and Dean style.
Everything a new experience,
a new story. A place where
my life is more exciting
than my dreams.

I could forget
the heartaches and breaks,
the tears and anger,
the missteps, the fuckups.

I could turn my head
to the sky, laugh out the bad
only leaving the good.
And then go 
on with my life.



  1. i love a good road trip...where no one knows your name
    unless you tell them...and everything is anew adventure..
    and you dont think a bit about what you left...behind.

    1. Thank you. Yeah, I'm long overdue for another solo road trip. :-)