Sunday, May 31, 2015

For Us All

Sorry if this gets kinda preachy at the end, but this is what's been on my mind for a while now. Kinda got coughed up onto the page this afternoon. And yes, I damn well should take my own advice at times.

For Us All

The other day I was exploring
a semi-upscale shopping center dressed
in an old college hoodie, oversized shorts and faded bandana
when in walks a woman dressed
to the nines in her bridal gown.
I smiled to myself, straightened my posture,
and continued browsing.

Now I’m having brunch outside a hipster establishment
eating, sipping coffee, and writing
and all the hoity-toity tourists walking by
keep giving me bad looks.
I’m sure I look like just some young punk,
clad in a black band shirt, beat up black hoodie with a white bandana.
I give them each a hard stare
(to add to my persona)
while smiling to myself.

I know who I am, and lately
I’ve taken a better liking to her:
the girl with a kind word for others,
yet a strong backbone for herself.
Sure, a little rough around the edges still,
but she assures me she is working on that.

So often lately I’ve seen strong-willed people complain
about situations are out of their control or
forgetting about all the good in their universes.

I want to take them
and shake them,
tell them to take charge of their lives and create their own happiness.

Dance alone in the city streets at midnight
to the soundtrack running through your head.
Write down each and every thing,
tiny or huge,
that has ever made you smile.

The truth is:
we make and we break ourselves.

Be kind when you can,
stand up for yourself and your beliefs.
and make sure to show the world your strengths.


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