Thursday, June 4, 2015

A Punk Rock Sense of Honesty

So, I've been listening to a lot of Frank Turner lately (a folk-punk rocker) who is an amazing songwriter! The title is taken from part of a line in his song "Nashville, TN" the entire line is "A simple scale on an old guitar, and a punk rock sense of honesty." I was driving around today and the last part of the line just stuck with me, so of course, I decided to write about it. This is pretty much a stream-of-conscious piece, so the formatting is very intentional in this one. Hope you like it! Let me know! Thanks!!

I absolutely Love this photo of Frank! From Google Image

 A Punk Rock Sense of Honesty

Passion of friends, family, causes, life!

I wear my heart on my sleeve.
I rage quietly
                        and loudly
when things go bad
or in celebration
                               when life is kicking ass.

You piss me off and I
will scream at you face-to-face,
in your face,
me more than likely on my tiptoes.

You make me cry
and I will hug you
and try to never let go
until my arms tire and I need my space.

I will scream, rage, and cry
about injustices faced by you, me, and the world.
For the early needless death of the ones who’ve lit
fires in our souls,
for the loss of our carefree lives
and the depletion of our sense of calm.

I sit outside a coffeehouse
calm, writing, quietly
while my head buzzes with an ever continuous monologue
of life, and with tunes running through my brain.

I realize that I’ve gotten off the topic
of punk rock honesty,
yet we never really quite left it after all.

Punk has always equaled passion
for life and everything it compromises,
and honesty is excepting life.

and honesty is trying to change
the needless bullshit and injustices thrown into our world,
it’s not staying silent.

We write songs, poems, prose
about ourselves, our hearts, our worlds, our friends
as honestly as we can, no matter what.

We laugh together
We cry together
We party together
We fight together
We live together
We dream together

We look at the world
and tell it that we
Will Not Be Ignored.

We’ve lived,
and our stories will be told.

and That is punk rock honesty.



  1. I enjoyed this. I didn't notice you'd gotten "off topic" until you said you had, but then I had to think about it and agree with you disagreeing with yourself that you really hadn't, though in a strict sense you had. But I doubt there is much that is strict about punk rock. My favorite line was "I rage quietly // and loudly." Peace, Linda

    1. Thank you so much, Linda! So glad you enjoyed it, and that it made you think! Punk rock can be a tricky beast at times. ;-)

  2. i think honesty in art can always be sensed - no matter if in music or writing or other forms where we express our feelings... and the real things always touch us - even if they're not exactly beautiful...sometimes things just need to be shouted out..

  3. I love the contrast in this.. This could have been written to the prompt on antithesis I had a few weeks ago.. and I think the opposites is what is true passion, life is not the shades of grey but we live between the black and white. You find it in punk-rock, but also in a Mahler symphony.

  4. I think that is honesty pure and simple and when art and honesty walk hand in hand the result is always inspiring.

  5. Ha. I rather like the off topic line, as it builds the character of punk rock honesty in its own quirky way, energy and emotion

  6. Love the energy, passion and pure honesty ~ Dream, write and shout it to the world ~

    I missed your voice Katie and good to read you again ~

  7. Strong voice, strong convictions. I agree with Claudia that somehow when Art, whether as music, dance, poetry, film, theater, embraces "honesty" it resonates,
    creates empathy, reaches out & touches someone. One of the issues I have with CGI in films is that too often, it dazzles, but does not enlighten; the same could be said about poetics.

  8. it's a good world indeed when we do everything and anything Together...nice thoughts :)

  9. Ah.. to feel the life.. from head to toe.. to breath to hair.. from finger to who.. and i do connect.. as hearts of souls.. in expressing passion filling spirit.. this way.. do carry
    on a mission of life alive.. for what is life

    F-in Nothing..
    much worth

    To keep the passion
    is never EVER to
    kill the human
    soul.. heart..
    Punk over
    any day
    of now
    for me!..:)

  10. Very inspirational! Keep ragin' :)

  11. Honesty is always whatever form; although raging in someone's face might cause some discomfort :)

  12. Ideally all human endeavors should start with honesty. I realize this is more easily said than done but, in the end, it is probably the only way if we are to keep sane and true to our own selves.