Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Short...But Not So Sweet

From my anti-war poetry phase!

Last Night I Dreamed

I was standing in the middle of an airfield
surrounded by countless coffins draped in American flags;
but couldn’t cry, it didn’t seem appropriate.
I wandered slowly between the coffins
running my fingers along as many of them as I could,
all the while thinking of the bodies
and the lost lives of the men and women inside.
I started thinking that I could have passed one of them
on the streets and given them a dirty look,
just because I was having a bad day,
and not knowing that they were on their way to die for me.
I wanted to pry open one of the coffins,
climb in, and become close to the soldier within.
I tried to open the nearest coffin, but it would not budge.
So I climbed on top of it instead, fell asleep,
and woke up safely in my bed.

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