Tuesday, December 3, 2013

CD Warehouse

Yeah, I know I wrote like 3 poems last night, but this is the only one I feel like posting, at least right now. I hope you like it. Let me know your thoughts! Thanks! :-)

CD Warehouse

One of my favorite places
is the local used CD store,
the one owned by the old school
skinhead who likes to give me
hints on albums to buy
if I’m having a hard time choosing.

It starts just pulling into
the lot and parking
in front of the wall of posters
for every local show, you could
never even make all of them.
Finding the correct entrance
stepping inside and hearing
someone behind the counter,  “Hey.”
(These are so my people!)
Before your eyes are a sea
of non-pretentious black bins
crowded with new and used CDs,
a wall of new releases behind them,
all nice and categorized
for easy finding. Although once
I had to move Patti Smith
from “Pop/Rock” to her
rightful place of “Punk/Hard Rock.”

I know where all my favorite
artists are located. Dropkick Murphys,
first column, fourth row. Ducky Boys,
same bin, a few flaps down.
Minor Threat, same column, last row.
Lou Reed, second column, last row.

Way too many amazing albums
have been found in these bins.
One of my favorites: a NOFX/Rancid
split, but with Rancid covering NOFX
songs and vice versa. You have not lived
until you hear Fat Mike’s impression
of Fat Albert. Perfect.

If I’m too overwhelmed with decisions
I retreat to the Minutemen
and pick a used CD full
of 90 second songs,
that I can pretty much guarantee
that I will love.

Up to the counter, and always a
a short discussion of great
punk music while my purchase
is being processed. A friendly
“See you soon!” followed by
my least favorite part,
leaving and joining
reality again.



  1. kinda like coming to the pub and enjoying poetry... you caught the emotions

  2. This is a foreign language to me, but I can tell that you're in heaven when you're there.

  3. I love the escape and the return to reality here--makes the escape all the more needed

  4. Oh CD:s .. I never buy those anymore.. only listen streaming.. But a CD-store... what a place to be.. browsing around... even finding things you never expected to find... I think I could place Patti Smith in any genre... she has been everywhere... saw here live in Stockholm a few years ago... amazing concert.

  5. nice...i love places like this...used shops...bookstores and cd shops...and those that run the place that know everything about everything....ha...and can find just what you are looking for...love the smell of those places too....

  6. I can identify with this so well, Katie - though for me, it's books. And the moving to it's rightful place - you had me smiling in self recognition there. Lovely, evocative poem, beautiful imagery. I don't know many of the artists you mention, but you painted them so well, that I didn't need to. Thank you.

  7. Yes, the used cd and record stores are my favorite places. Great poem captures the feeling.

  8. ever see Hi Fidelity with John Cusack? check it out :) ~

  9. This reminds me of Oz music here in Tuscaloosa, although I don't think they would make such a mistake with Patti Smith. I'm so glad that you could save her. Excellent write, Katie.