Tuesday, December 10, 2013


It's already been a crazy December, and I've spent much of it already listening to my favorite songwriter's (Mark Lind) many bands & albums. I'm always blown away by honest his writing is. I am constantly inspired when I'm listening to anything that he's involved in.


I keep a list
on my phone of themes,
images, scenarios, and prompts
that I want to write about.
Chaos, love, bits of broken
pieces, black ooze, the
guitarist playing his heart
out on the square to passers-by.

Somewhere, swirled in this
list is a semblance
of what I call life. A lot
like the abstract painting
by my brother that hangs
above my bed; heavy white
lines, paint splotches of black
and red that sometimes combine
to make purple. Life. Writing
lines, images; emotions experienced
by everyone, yet written about only
from the pens of the brave. I
wish I was one of them.

Maybe one day, after I’ve
picked up as many pieces
of my broken self as I can
find and glue them
sort of back together
will I find the courage to
explain myself to the world.



  1. eh, who says they need an explanation anyway. well penned

  2. I wish I was one of them as well. I can relate with your sentiment. Well-penned.

  3. Ah Katie, you are alraedy one of those people - and poems like this prove it ... smiles


  4. I think this is a great sentiment.. but in reality the realisation has already moved you beyond any hesitation,

  5. A lovely share Katie ~ You write beautifully you know, smiles ~

  6. I already see the kind of honesty in your poetry that I very much appreciate. You have found the courage, and I do hope you continue to write with that courage that you so admire in others!

  7. smiles...explain yourself...or allow others to see the beauty that all those broken bits can make in the mosaic of us?

  8. Well written and beautifully open Katie - I was touched by this - Thank you... With Best Wishes Scott www.scotthastie.com

  9. What a frightening thought, to have to explain yourself. I love thus poem, Katie. Very well written.

  10. explaining yourself to the world is a daunting task...loved this poem.. it reflects somethings I struggle with at times...

  11. We are like living poems. It's all in how we put it all together.

  12. Courage is now. Leap and the net will appear.

    If it feels hard to do, you're on the right track.


  13. One shouldn't feel the need to explain themselves... since we can't control how people take what we give them... I say, express it, then leave it all on the floor and let them build how they see fit... smiles... strong poem.

  14. you know... i find myself most in those broken pieces when i write about them...makes them kinda visible and understandable to me...just saying...smiles

  15. We all hope to find ourselves. And fear it to some extent too.

    (Editorial comment: verse 2, line 4: should read 'painting', I think.)

  16. Damn! I lost my comment. I liked this very much. You find and knit back the pieces through your creativity. It's a better from of therapy.

    Also, the rhythm is interrupted in the first stanza. this "that I want to write about" interrupts the natural flow of your words. I think that rhythm should be tested in the mouth. Read your poem aloud and see if there are stumbling blocks for your readers. Otherwise, a lovely, evocative poem.

    Lady Nyo

  17. I used to keep a notebook of ideas but haven't been lately. Such a good idea to use your phone. Too bad mine's dumb! Ha!

  18. Yes not taking has changed but the act of doing it hasn't. For some reason my ideas come in the bathtub or when first awaking. Sometimes I get them down before I forget, more often not. I like the idea of collage and breaking through inner walls to write the simple truth. It's a lifetime journey . Well done.

  19. uhmm that word is meant to be "note" - missing keys today. Sorry.