Monday, March 10, 2014

Just Dented

This is a continuation of one of the pieces that I posted last week. Everyone who told me what they thought said that this was their favorite of the 3, and that it seemed kinda like a song. I write like that sometimes, so I decided to give this form of poem a day (though I'm sure it probably already has one, but whatever!), I'm calling it a song poem. So if anyone actually wants to try to put it to music, have at it. Although I play guitar, I suck at turning my words into songs. 

Let me know what you think of this one! Thanks!! :-)

Just Dented

Fooled again by a man
that I trusted, all while
being more cautious
than I have been before.

He doesn't know
that he didn't break me;
no, this time
I'm only dented.

I’ve been broken before,
kicked and thrown around,
left feeling useless
and not quite whole.

I’m healing, stronger now
where I was once broken.
and this time,
I’m only dented.

Dents still hurt,
still leave a mark.
But each day I’m better,
looking more like myself.

I’ll still think about him.
He left his mark.
But this time,
I’m only dented.

I lock into moments
of peace and happiness,
and drown out those moments
of being using.

He played me,
took me for a ride.
Still, this time
I’m only dented.

My heart took a kick,
lost a little blood.
But I'm still standing,
still smiling, singing,
playing and laughing.


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