Saturday, March 15, 2014

Morning Scene

The song in the first verse is "All In a Day" by the outstandingly amazing Joe Strummer, the punk rock warlord, and the original punk rock poet.

Let me know what you think about this piece, please. Thanks so much! :-)

One of my favorite Joe Strummer photos. Found on Google.

Morning Scene

I wake up in a good mood;
even before opening my eyes
the lyrics of a favorite song
are playing themselves
along my mind.
I sing along,
In Sherwood Forrest we had Robin Hood
Everybody’s rocking here around the hood!

I shuffle myself into the kitchen,
pick up an apple and bite,
all the while bopping my head
to what has already become
the day’s soundtrack.

I grab my notebook
then my favorite (clicky) pen,
and take them to the porch.

I write about the things
that make me smile,
that make me tick.
I write knowing that I
am a poet, and this morning
I’m not embarrassed
to admit it.

I watch the runners,
and the bikers, and the motorcyclists,
the drivers, and the neighbors
all go by my house,
and I write for them.

I read the news,
check my social media,
and my e-mails and texts,
and I write for them.

I write about what I know
and what I want to understand.
I write to unite my thoughts
and I hope to write
one day to unite the world.


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