Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Life Is My Muse & Other Thoughts From Tonight

I sat  down and just wrote tonight. What came out was one poem and a few shorter verses. The poem is first and then I tacked on the other two things that I wrote, that aren't quite fully formed poems, but I still kinda like them. I hope you do to! Let me know what you think. Thanks!! :-)

Life Is My Muse

I like to find my poetry
where ever I tend to be.

Sitting now on my futon,
Superman blanket draped
over my shoulders, acoustic
music plays from my computer.
My mind is wandering
to the events of this past month.

A rich man tried to woo
me with his fleet of eight cars,
before I realized that he
was just a player.
Sure, his brand new Mustang
was a lot of fun to ride in.
But my beat up 13-year old
Forrester has character,
it has stories.

Besides, he probably wouldn't
have liked being shoved against
the rails at a punk rock concert;
and that's the kind of girl
that I really am.

Just Dented

Fooled again by a man
that I trusted, while more
cautious than I have been before.

He doesn't know
that he didn't break me;
no, this time
I'm only dented.

My heart took a kick,
lost a little blood.
But I'm still standing,
still smiling, singing,
playing and laughing.

Punk Rock Poetry

Punk concerts are poetry.
I feel the most alive
when I'm at one.
Feeling the vibrations flowing
through my entire body,
shaking me to my core
feeding me energy. I can
lose myself in the greatest way.

Silently connecting to others,
moving, singing, sweating as one.



  1. 1) good riddance.
    2) good song, tight lyrics. The second verse is the chorus, I think? You could build it out a little and vary the first two lines, but the last two stay "no this time / I'm only dented"
    3) I'm too old to mosh anymore - it's been 20 years since I owned Doc Martens :). But I get it. ~

    1. Thank you! I never thought of the second one as being a song, but that would totally work! I'm sure one day I'll be at a concert, standing in the back, totally cool with not being in the middle of the mosh pit too. Part of growing up, for sure! :-)