Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Poem a Day for November - Day 19: Tears and Comfort

I used to work in politics, on the campaign side. When you're out there for month after month, you co-workers & your candidates become like your family. Tragic news out of Virginia today about a candidate I worked for in '09: he was stabbed multiple times & his son was shot to death. I remember both as being as kindhearted as possible, smiling even in the wake of defeat.

Song lyrics are from "Forever" by Dropkick Murphys. It's the song I listen to whenever someone dies.

Tears and Comfort

At time we may fall like we all tend to do
my favorite band belts out
my favorite comfort song.

I try to sing along
to keep my composure while driving.
Your kindness for weakness I never mistook.
So many if-onlys
play through my head.

Home, finally, alone.
I sit on the couch,
pull my Superman blanket under my chin,
cry, and think,
and do the only thing I can:
let what happened just be.
There’s a piece of you with me they can’t tear apart.



  1. damn, Katie. Peace to you and to that family ~

  2. Wonderfully woven with the song text.and some comfort to you in your mourning.. very sad.

  3. oh heck... dense emotions in this... love the superman blanket and so sad when such fine people have to go... and then both, father and son... can't imagine what his wife is going through now..

  4. Those terrible happenings have repercussions that spread far beyond the victims.

  5. I read about this story today, and I'm so sorry for your loss. What a tragedy. May you find peace and comfort today amid the tears and memories.

  6. drop kick murphys....nice.....all the what ifs or if onlys...they will def choke you out if you let them....that kind of brutal death will def rock you...sorry for your loss...

  7. Listening to those same news reports. Your poem will be my superman blanket. :(

  8. This is so sad..sorry to hear of your loss...need to pull that superman blanket up around you and feel it's warmth..

  9. So emotionally gripping this one. And the last line almost made me cry.

  10. I am so sorry for your loss. An emotional and good capture.

  11. Thank you for all of your support. :-)