Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Poem a Day for November - Day 3: To Be Invisible

To Be Invisible

I have a favorite corner
that I like to sit in
when I need to escape
from the world.
Sometimes I bring things
like my notebook and pen,
or my guitar,
my laptop,
or just a pile a blankets
with me into my space.
Sometimes it’s just me.

This morning I was in a huge crowd
of people, waiting to begin a race.
I needed to cough, blow my nose,
and retighten my shoelaces.
But I didn’t want to draw
any attention to myself.
I had my headphones on,
even though no music was playing yet,
and my sunglasses covering my eyes.
My barriers already up.
But still I just wanted to be invisible.
to be able to move
in my personal space
without anyone looking at me.



  1. sometimes it feels like I've got a red siren blaring on my skull, too.