Monday, November 4, 2013

A Poem a Day for November - Day 4: I Want to Be

This is pretty different from how I normally write. I hope you still like it. Let me know!! Thanks for reading! :-)

I Want to Be

I want to be
the sound waves emitting
from your amplifier.
Sending energy out
into your space
filling the air around you,
making you smile
satisfying you.

I want to be
the air moving
through your vocal cords.
Soulfully singing out the words
you crafted so carefully
to let people understand you.

I want to be
the tremble
of your guitar strings
when struck by your pick.
Helping to create
your unique sound.

I want to be
the ink in your pen
spilling your thoughts,
your words,
on to paper
and into existence.

I want to be
the inspiration
that your brain craves,
causes you to think
your beautiful  
and your dark thoughts
to share with the world.



  1. This is a wonderful piece katie :)

  2. I thought this was quite good Katie. I like the repetition of being something of this other person's being. I would only add that if you could keep it in the realm of that person as opposed to say the ink and pen it would be more powerful. Good read though. >KB

  3. What a beautiful inspiration and muse you are ~ Love it ~

  4. This is really expressed beautifully!

  5. nice...i want to be your song...the one you hear, the one you sing, the one you play...i want to own the passion that keeps you from being that much katie!

  6. nice Katy - the poetess always makes a good muse.

  7. being the source that makes the difference in the message... yeah... def. understandable..

  8. I agree with KB - the ink/pen stanza doesn't quite fit in this poem where everything else you want to be is theirs. I really like, "I want to be the inspiration ..." That's an ambition worth having and worth striving to fulfil.

  9. This is a beautiful love poem Katie!

  10. Call me dark, but I see this is not just as a love poem, but also potentially a story of obsession. So the ink/pen stanza works from that point of view. But not sure if that is what you intended...

  11. To be a muse is a wonderful thought.. this is a being and love bordering on worship.. I really read it the same way as Marina Sofia did.. beautiful but a little discomforting at the same time..

  12. Love the repetition, it works perfectly in this, Katie. Thanks for your visit.


  13. beautiful want to inspire art and beauty..great writing

  14. that first line would be a great hook ~