Saturday, November 2, 2013

A Poem a Day for November - Day 2: Colors

Since I'm writing a poem a day for 30 days (still, Yikes!), why not have some fun, huh? Fall is just kind of a spooky time of year, with Halloween, Day of the Dead, and All Souls Day the supernatural seem to play on my mind. This poem is from the dVerse Poets Pub prompt today, colors.

Hope you like it! Let me know! :-)


Laryngitis has gripped my vocal cords.
In my mind, murky black tar
encloses my cords, tightly squeezing
my voice out of me.

I walk through the park
with my usual defenses,
(sunglasses on, camera in hand)
joined by a new wall,
allowing me to wander quietly
in my own little world.

As I move past a girl on a blanket
she holds up her hand to me,
I stop.
She takes my hand, smiling,
and whispers “I see orange, blue, and black
haze flowing from you.
Very interesting.”
I tilt my head, remove my hand from hers
turn and slowly move on. I sense her
eyes following me.

I lose myself among the trees,
keep looking over my shoulder
to try and catch a wisp of haze.
I spot a young boy in the distance watching me.
He catches my eye and gestures me to him.
“You can’t see your own colors,” he smiles
knowingly. I stare open-mouthed at him.
He turns and I watch him
walk into the trees.
As he gets farther and farther away
I see a smoky, swirling haze
of white and purple take him in.

(If you would like to know the symbolize of the colors in this, click here: Thanks! :-)


  1. nice... how cool it would be if we could see colors like that... maybe displaying the mood people are in...their emotions... ah that would be the idea..

  2. We are actually giving out colors and people with highly developed senses can sense and see them ~ A dying man's aura and colors are different from someone healthy and strong ~

    I will check out your link ~ Good one Katie :-)

  3. Marvelous aura of colours guiding your sight and words. Beautiful!

  4. smiles. how often in life can we not see our own colors...or what others can see in us....pretty cool interactions...auras i def can def tell them in some people...def interesting in the colors to check it...

  5. nice - to know our own colors is the beginning of wisdom ?

    I liked how your sunglasses protected/isolated you in the poem - bw

  6. cool poem. mysterious. have a great november

  7. I do think we have colors and project them out. This is such a unique take on the prompt, very creative. Thank you for visiting my blog :)

  8. Interesting poem and some people do have an aura about them that strangers tune into .

  9. Oh! That is a beautiful write. The colours and the imagery- splendid. And I liked the whole setting. Well written. :-)

  10. We must all have an aura, an energy we emit that shows the colors that influence us. I like your write.

  11. Really nice poem, it's wonderful how some people can generate such a colourful aura... a very mysterious write.

  12. I think we are not necessarily as good at seeing our own colours as we are at seeing other people's. An intriguing poem, which got me wondering...

  13. I love how you approached this prompt. I have always wished I could see other people's auras, but alas I cannot.

  14. make it black liquorice instead: good for your throat and tastes better than tar :-)
    auras have always intrigued me. The black and blue sounds painful.

  15. Great weave between the rather flat and dull hues of the everyday (and darker interior ones) and the wild colors still available to children. Loved it.

  16. i love the idea of the voiceless poet, also blind to its aura... it's true, losing one's voice is very introspective. nice that you could connect!