Friday, November 22, 2013

A Poem a Day for November - Day 22: Haircut


Many times when life
feels so out of control
that I can’t even seen
to steady myself,
I cut my hair.

The first time
was back in college
after my cousin died.
I had thick long hair
halfway down my back.
Then one day
soon after her funeral
I went to the salon
thinking I was just
going to get a quick trim.
But on a complete whim,
I told the stylist to
hack it all off
to just below my ears.

Last night
still spinning from the events
of this past week,
I decided to do
something a bit more drastic.
Well, now I have
a Mohawk.
Granted, boy-cut on the sides
so I can look professional
just for the office.
But I still feel
like I’m ready
to move forward.



  1. pic?

    yes, hell of a week with the congressman and his troubled son. so sad. ~

  2. I love this one. I have always thought of hair cuts as mood setters.