Thursday, November 7, 2013

A Poem a Day for November - Day 7: I Walked Away

Okay, today's poem comes from dVerse Poets Pub's Form For All topic, Googlisms. I'm sure you've all seen a few of these before. Check out the dVerse link for an actually explanation. I used "I walked away" as my prompt. The picture below is what was spit out at me. Let me know what you think! Thanks!! :-)

I Walked Away

I walked away is not because the tool isn’t interesting,
I walked away because my aim is better.

I walked away is testament to the games,
I walked away is for the surgeons.
I walked away is because the legacy was being destroyed
by outside forces,
and so many people were.

I walked away is sure to set apart
Reservoir from the rest.
I walked away is more than a guilty pleasure
or an underground band coming up.
I walked away is the band’s debut seven song 12”.

I walked away is sure to follow in a few months.
I walked away is sayin’ it to me.



  1. I like the seed phrase, I walked away ~ Comparing the list, you did an excellent job of rearranging the verses ~ Specially like that ending line ~

  2. oh snap...ha...i love the opening stanza...ha....
    what a tool eh? smiles.
    def a cool seed you planted to get this one...smiles.

  3. Really cool results--I walked away because my aim is better. There's a wealth of meaning there.

  4. Well, sometimes it is good to walk I liked the idea that "I walked away is more than a guilty pleasure.'

  5. I walked away because my aim is better...sometimes we have to
    walk away even if it hurts..

  6. I liked the way it contorts it's way round love it

  7. ha - i like the name for an underground band...fits well... a guilty pleasure... many reasons that make us walk away at times..

  8. "I walked away because my aim is better." is also a line which resonated with me and I likee the idea than it is more than a guilty pleasure too. A very good poem!

  9. "because my aim is bette"… is classic!

  10. "I walked away is more than a guilty pleasure"--depending on the circumstances, those three words could, indeed, describe a guilty pleasure. Good choices.

  11. Very clever write! I wouldn't have thought to Google-list that phrase. :)

  12. Excellent seed phrase and an excellent progression in the rearrangements. So many great lines here

  13. great choice of starting phrase, and keen selection. mine rambles too much. ~

  14. Well done with the seed phrase, that gave a bit of material to work with - and work it you did, with this excellent example of editing for great effect. Just enough of a non sequitor between each subsequent line to keep the reader guessing!