Thursday, November 28, 2013

A Poem a Day for November - Day 28: My Thanksgiving

My Thanksgiving

I've been smelling a roasting
turkey for the past
two hours, and it's killing
me! We're all still in our
lounge clothes and bumming
around the living room
watching football and laughing.

A casual observer may say
that my family doesn't
really have much tradition
when it comes to today.
But I can tell you
exactly how this is
going to play out.

The turkey will come
out of the oven right
after the football game ends.
We'll all gather in
the cramped kitchen to
pick at the bird and its stuffing.
Then we will sit around the table
still in our lounge wear, and
Mom will comment that we
should at least make an effort to
dress nicer next year.
After we have all over
eaten it will be back to
the living room for more football,
but as soon as my brother
falls asleep we won't 
be able to hear the TV 
above his snores. At around
8:30 we'll finally want 
some dessert (even though we
dug into the apple pie last night).

And that will e the end
of my non-tradition based
traditional Thanksgiving day.


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