Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Poem a Day for November - Day 20: Somedays

Here is the article on Gus Deeds not being able to stay over night in psychiatric care:

Here is a news report on HOPE Connection:

So yeah, this has been my last two days. Very emotionally charged.

Some Days

Some days
all I want to do is hide
in bed with my 10 year old Dropkick Murphys hoodie
pulled up over my head.

Some days
I don’t want to face the world
and all of it’s inconsistencies and injustices
like troubled young man attempting to kill his father
and then succeeding in killing himself
after he was not able to be helped by society.

But some days
I have to force myself
out of bed and out into the world
to help provide needs to 500 homeless
that I take so for granted
that I hardly ever even think about them.

Some days
I have to forget
why I want to hide.



  1. Katie, I like the repetition at the beginning of each stanza and it all ends beautifully with the conclusion. >KB