Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Poem a Day for November - Day 26: First

Like it, don't like it? Boring, exciting? Let me know what you think! Thank!! :-)


Cleaning out my closet
yesterday, I found my old wallet.
I opened it to find
a small torn-edged piece of paper
with a simple pencil sketch:
a K woven together by Celtic knots
and an outline of a shamrock
hanging off the edge.

I recognized it immediately,
what had been drawn
so carefully over 10 years ago
by my brother’s hand:
my first tattoo.

Mid-back, just to
the right of my spine.
Black, green, and white.
Simple enough, it assures me
that he will always
be right here with me.



  1. It is very touching that you have this way of remembering your brother is always with you! (Neat that you found the paper as well.)

  2. what a cool treasure and assurance...the little things we keep...and sometimes forget until we find them again...for me it is the bowl by my bed that everything goes in...to wait for me...smiles.

  3. It's always a delight to find something sentimental out of the blue, beautiful memory and story. :)

  4. little things, that are really big things :)
    Nice rememberance of your relationship with your brother Katie.

  5. It's the little things in life that mean a lot, & this poem is a lovely reminder of that.

  6. Sweet poem and a sweet way to keep him with you.

  7. How nice! To be with the 'in' crowd and you had a head start long ago! Wonderful write Katie!


  8. What a wonderful surprise. Lovely sentiments come through without a lot of fluff. Nice work.

  9. simple and true, cherishing memories

  10. oh that is so moving.... love how a sketch can put us right back into the moment... so many memories here... so much love felt for your bro as well..

  11. Who keeps a wallet for ten years?:) Just kidding...enjoyed this.

  12. Great capture of a moment. And, a neat find!

  13. you never forget your first do you?
    but great to see the original, a special one too!
    cool that your bro crafted it for you -

    even cooler you kept and then found it! YAY!!! - Special K ;)

    1. Katie, these reminders of the small things in life that matters are really all that we take with us and all that we leave behind when we're gone. Very moving ...

  14. Wow what a memory.. The tattoo always with you. And finding that paper as well. Very cool - maybe you should frame the paper too.

  15. I love that you are writing for November days. This is a sweet memory for you, I am certain. But did you forget it was there? Just a question that popped up. I envisioned that maybe you had and then found the sketch of it and remembered!! Thank you for sharing !!

  16. We have our own way of holding on to the people we love, lovely reminder Katie!

  17. Great that you found the paper and so cool that you will have him with you always through the tattoo. Cool poem.

  18. I keep memories by photos or poems. That I think is safe. It is difficult to make a case out of a tattoo. Maybe it is not impossible.

  19. How wonderful that the tattoo your brother designed still visually gives you pleasure and provides a permanent tie to your treasured sibling.

  20. Your brother is now a part of you..in mind, heart and skin...