Saturday, November 9, 2013

A Poem a Day for November - Day 9: Ramblings About Wandering

Ramblings About Wandering

A hockey game is playing
itself out on my television set.
I’m laying on the couch
phone in hand,
sipping on a beer.

I try to concentrate on the game
but every few seconds my eyes flicker
down to my phone:
check e-mail,
send a text,
check Facebook and Twitter.

After about the 8th repletion
I mute the television
and turn on music.
I go from Rise Against
to Bob Dylan
to Charlie Parker
to Street Dogs.

I give in to myself,
just let whatever play on
while I wander aimlessly around my house
being sure to stop in each room,
eating up time.

Back to the couch,
stopping to grab my notebook,
and I try to sit still long enough
to write about not being able to sit still.



  1. Very good. I like how it comes around full circle :)

  2. I kinda know the feeling! I go from a blog idea, to email, to checking eBay, to something, and something else.

    Luckily, once in a while I go out and smell the beautiful fall air and hug my trees! :)