Friday, November 8, 2013

A Poem a Day for November - Day 8: My Kitchen Culture

Inspiration for this poem came from someone telling me that he was in the kitchen rocking out to Social Distortion while drinking wine & cooking. I was like, "Hey, I do that all the time too!" So I wrote about it! :-) Hope you like it!

First song: "Memorial Day" - Dropkick Murphys
Second song: "Beat on the Brat" - Ramones
Third song: "Kicking Up a Racket" - Stiff Little Fingers
Fourth song: "Bob Dylan Wrote Propaganda Songs" - Minutemen

My Kitchen Culture

Come join the fight!
blares out of my computer
as I lay out my good knives
(the ones I got during my
one semester in culinary school)
out on my kitchen counter.

In between random computer-selected songs
* Beep * my microwave sounds
signaling that my chicken has defrosted.
Beat on the brat with a baseball bat!
I sing along as I place my chicken in the sauté pan.
I decide my chicken needs some wine,
and I pour Merlot
from my lion-printed glass into the pan.

I dance across the kitchen
I sit and I don't make a sound while I watch the speakers pound!
and arrive at my cutting board,
slice a few tomatoes
and dance back over to the stove,
slide my tomatoes into the pan
and cover my creation.

I pour myself another glass of wine,
lean against the counter,
bop my head to
Bob Dylan wrote propaganda songs!
and wait.



  1. cool. what time's dinner?

    one slight note, if I may? you use the word "my" three times in the first stanza - how does it affect the impact you wish to achieve if you reduce that by one or two, perhaps using "during *that* / one semester" and "*the* kitchen counter"? but please ignore me if that isn't the intent you're trying to convey, and are going for the possessive! It is a very intimate, personal write, so including "my" at each turn really reinforces this sense. Hope I haven't overstepped, katie ~ M

    1. You haven't overstepped at all. Thank you! It's the only way to get better. :-)