Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Poem a Day for November - Day 5: Me In 10

The prompt for today's poem was "Write a 10 word poem without using personal pronouns, make it personal." It's a lot harder than I first thought!! Ha! If you know one of my favorite bands (Ducky Boys), you can probably tell that I've been listening to a lot of them recently. Let me know what you think of this one! Thanks! :-)

Me In 10

but not beyond repair.
Still damaged,
music soothes.



  1. I love this..in a few short lines, you showed stages of healing from the original break to progress in the healing and even illustrated the method use for the progression of healing..very well done

  2. Packed tight! Kind of like the six word memoir.

  3. Progress indeed. Music is healing; it can soothe. Well-penned. :-)

  4. Music certainly heals the broken spirit. I used to have a dog called " Ducky" when I was a child. Only in middle age did I realise the dog's name was "Darkie" English was not my mother's first language:)

  5. Word by word, note by note, step by step, a healing process...

  6. very good 10 worder I think mine ended up like yours. It influenced me.

  7. excellent, katie ~